Alvesta, Sweden, July 2018

First installation of the new Ajax Campaign. Great gaming weekend with 26 players from across the globe. Twelve tables with specific missions and cool armies. Head over to the Ajax page to download the missions and player pack if you want to recreate the experience.

Mini Dirty

Växjö, Sweden, February 2018

Game Day in Växjö, Sweden. Four tables filled with heresy. More pictures and information on Dirty Player Jonas Engs blog.

Mega Dirty

Växjö, Sweden, January 2018

Mega battle event in Växjö. More than 24.000 points per side. Full after action report on Dirty player Jonas Engs blog

Avarii VII

Malmö, Sweden, Octover 2017

Six Dirty players participated in the Avarii VII event hosted in Malmö. After action report on Dirty player Jonas Engs blog

2017 Slow Grow Campaign

Växjö, Sweden, 2017

More info to come.